A downloadable game

Accessibility Game Jam, hosted by Google, and Adaptive design. 

Lauren Owen, Beckett Melville, Akshansh Chaudhary, and myself, Michael Center worked together to develop this game within 48 hours. Lauren was responsible for the environmental assets and sounds. Becket was responsible for UI/UX and sounds. Akshansh was responsible for character assets, and character animations. Michael was responsible for programming and Unity development. 

Our team was assigned a client who had limited motor functions. We used two simple switches to represent the dot and dash of Morse code. These switches then utilized the google Gboard morse keyboard. The goal is to teach our client Morse code.

More information: https://experiments.withgoogle.com/alphabets-got-talent

Install instructions

This is an android app. It needs a google Gboard Morse code keyboard to play.


maingaamr.apk 27 MB